Celebrations With Hog Roast Woodford

Summer and winter we are working hard up and down the UK catering for all distance is never a problem we travel far and wide here at Hog Roast Woodford! And as we always say no job is ever too big or too small we do cater for all.

Mid week we were travelling North and we had a good few hours drive we set off nice and early to make sure we got there in plenty of time and traffic being unpredictable you can never be to careful. We were heading to the shopping centre as they were celebrating its 10th birthday and they wanted us to help with the celebrations. When we arrived we spoke to the manager and he showed us to a spot where he wanted us to set up and we wasted no time in getting started. We brought with us 2 of our large machines on one we placed hundreds of potatoes and on the other chicken legs, breast and sausages, whilst the food cooked we began to mix and mountain of fillings for the jacket potatoes using cheese, tuna and a vegetable salsa mix we also made some dips a nice honey and mustard dip and tomato dip too. The last job was to unpack the hundreds of freshly baked buns and wraps and we were ready. The manager did a speech and the brass band played a few numbers then before we knew it we had crowds around us for our hog roast Woodford and we handed out the delicious jacket potatoes so fluffy and filled them with lashings of delicious fillings, the chicken was so juicy and cooked beautifully too as were the sausages that we placed on sticks and handed out to the crowd.

We received lots of compliments all were very impressed with the hog roast Woodford and we love to hear nice feedback it makes our job so rewarding. It didn’t take us long to clear away and we said our goodbyes the manager couldn’t thank us enough for all our hard work and he said he will most defintely be booking us again for future events and we left feeling very pleased with ourselves.