Hog Roast Brent

Hog Roast BrentI have been a hog-roast Brent caterer for a few years now and work throughout London. I was asked to cater an event at the Brent Museum being held to celebrate a display of newly-discovered archaeological artefacts surrounding Brent’s past. I took along my Titan Hog Roasting machine which always produces a perfect hog roast. This machine has proved over and over again its own value. It has sturdy tyres which allows for easy transport and manoeuvrability, so no need to worry if your event does not have very good access we can get anywhere. The town of Brent has a history that dates back to prehistoric times. It still retains a great deal of its original Roman influences. It now acts as a lovely area with affordable homes, shopping, and amenities for those who work in larger towns and cities and must commute to work.

Spitting Pig also offer a hog roast hire Brent package including machines of various sizes, but this time, since it was not meant to be an overly-large event, I was sure myself and my Titan would get along nicely with my faithful assistant, my wife.

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I found the museum staff very accommodating in setting things up such as tables and chairs and bins. I, and my assistant, provided the locally-sourced meat which included sides of pork and sausages plus whole potatoes to roast. The soft rolls for sandwiches were kept nicely warmed beside the Titan, as was our homemade and very popular sage stuffing, which, when sliced, makes a fabulous addition to the sandwich itself. The homemade applesauce and other condiments were set out on their own table nearby so folk could help themselves. I know the menu sounds simple, but I have found that at these smaller events, people prefer a simple, easy-to-manage sandwich that can be filled with everything needed to make a very tasty treat. As well, when it’s just a sandwich, you can easily find yourself eating two – or more!

The archaeological display was very interesting indeed and drew a good amount of people to the event.
Roasting meats on the Titan is extremely easy with surprisingly little work to be done – just overseeing, mostly. The key to any successful hog-roasting event, not just Hog Roast Brent, is to arrive and get set up early enough to get the meat on the go. Once it starts to cook, the wafting scent alone is enough to entice customers to line up all day long.

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I also find people are drawn to the machine itself with its enviable design and shining steel, it’s a marvel of construction and while “standing guard”, I tend to answer a lot of questions about its use and affordability. These machines can access grassy areas as well as beaches, so there’s really very few limitations involved as far as venues are concerned.

Hog Roast BrentI have found through experience that there’s a lot of interest out there for machines like this especially by people who could use one on a much smaller scale in their own back gardens. I’m convinced that someday, there’ll be a home version of this machine that fits easily into the corner of a garage, ready and waiting to be brought out on a hot summer’s day, or, in the event of rain, brought out undercover on the decking, to roast meats for just a small gathering of family and friends. Because the meat is roasted over a tray, it doesn’t cook in its own fat which is much healthier, yet it remains very moist and tasty.

The Spitting Pig Company also offers hog roast hire Brent packages that can include machines, staff, and menus. The packages are flexible, affordable, and the staff are professional, friendly people. Their menus include a variety of salads, entrees and desserts, all using the finest ingredients.