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Hog Roast London
Hog Roast London

Looking for a hog roast in London then look no further. We provide the best hog roast catering in London and have been doing so for over twenty years. We use only the best free range pigs reared on our own farm, Barkham Manor in Berkshire. Whatever the occasion we can provide the catering to suit your every need. Everything from a simple hog roast London garden party to the full management of a large corporate event or a very special wedding. We offer slow-cooked pulled pork or sizzling spit roasts whichever takes your fancy.

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Hog Roast Catering in London

Hog Roast LondonOur fresh and exciting approach to catering is perfect for the city of London’s business meetings or a hog roast Uxbridge garden party and is a great alternative to more traditional forms of catering. One of our major selling points is the way we cook our hog roasts slowly over flames to produce really crispy crackling and juicy tasty pork. It doesn’t matter whether we are providing food for the Notting Hill Carnival or a garden party at the Palace, a spit roast is perfect for all occasions.

Our high-quality machines cook any type of meat to perfection and provide a modern and mouthwatering centrepiece for any event. Our spit roast machines are the best available on the market today and can be operated by you or one of our professionally trained hog roast chefs, either way, the end product will be the same; delicious melt in the mouth meat.

Hog Roasts and Additional Dishes

Along with offering delicious hog roasts we also offer a variety of side dishes that are just as good as the meat we cook. These side dishes are available from a variety of menus and are freshly prepared by our chefs on the day of your event, just like the roast. We offer a selection of menus suitable for all occasion but if you feel like there is something you would like to add or remove from the menu you have chosen then please feel free to make any suggestions. We are more than happy to customise any of our menus to meet your specific needs.

The best thing about hog roast catering is that it really is suitable for all formalities. From business meetings at Canary Wharf to Take That concerts at The 02, hog roast catering is ideal. It can be dressed up or down. If you want to impress people then a full sit down hog roast meal is perfect. It can be your meat of choice accompanied by seasonal vegetables served as part of a three-course meal. Or if you are looking for a quick bite to eat when you’re on the move then a simple but tasty hog roast and apple sauce sandwich is perfect. This kind of simple food is a modern, healthy and more substantial alternative to traditional fast food available on the market today. Please take time to explore our website and hopefully, we will hear from you soon.
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