Hog Roast Bromley

Just imagine if there was such a thing as a time machine. One could dart about from the past to the future with ease. A visit to medieval England or a trip to the future to see how the kids are getting on in life. Of course, the Bromley born author of The Time Machine, HG Wells, put many of his ideas into this famous novel, but I wonder if Mr Wells would have considered how a medieval feast would have enjoyed a new lease of life in twenty first century Britain? Hog roast Bromley? Who’d have thought it?

Hog roast Bromley was indeed home to HG Wells in the early years. Bromley is considered one of the capital’s richer boroughs and is home to a number of gated residential areas, just the sort of area where you would have expected hog roast to be a regular feature in the past. You see, hog roast is one those feasts that symbolises high living. Back in medieval times, it was the nation’s wealthier dwellers who could afford to indulge in a hog roast, and these would often be quite significant affairs. But for some unknown reason, the hog roast started to disappear from events and functions. Only in recent years have we seen interest renewed in this most fantastic food.

The Best Hog Roasts In BromleyHog Roast Bromley

So what is the reason behind the hog roast Bromley revival? Some would say that is a desire to see great food make a comeback at special events. We are becoming a nation of good food lovers and what was once good enough for our dinner plates at major events is now no longer the case. Hog roast is not a traditional feast but one that relies on some basic culinary principles; fantastic raw ingredients, slow cooking and simplicity. Hog roast has it all.

These fantastic raw ingredients come in the shape of a quality pig. Everyone knows that you only get superb flavour if you choose the best meat. The Bromley hog roast chef knows this all too well and ensures that every hog roast undertaken uses a quality pig from a highly reputable source. Then there is the very important slow roasting. Those medieval cooks knew their stuff when it came to hog roast cooking and understood the importance of slow roasting. That’s why the very best Bromley hog roast takes around six hours to cook to perfection. Only then do you get the ultimate in flavour. Lastly is the simplicity. Hog roast does not rely on hundreds of ingredients to deliver great flavour. A quality pig and slow roasting guarantee hog roast meat that is succulent and tender for all your Bromley diners.

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Hog Roast BromleyA recent hog roast Bromley event saw us catering at the house of the customer, this isn’t unusual for us. We have catered at huge stately Manors to much smaller terraced houses. It really doesn’t matter what the size of the event it, the same hard work and dedication from the hog roast Bromley team will be shown in the catering. This event saw us catering for just 20 guests in which our chicken roast took centre stage for a change; served with stuffing and homemade onion gravy onto soft white rolls. What could be better? Our staff received many compliments on the service and promised recommendations were definitely not in short supply

A Bromley function will be all the richer for the addition of a hog roast. Hog roast can be carved beautifully by the hog roast chef to form the basis of a stunning plate of professionally presented food. Stunning to look at and even more stunning to taste. Who needs a time machine to revisit the medieval splendour of hog roast when you can enjoy those same great flavours right here in modern day Bromley.