Hog Roast Cranford

It is fair to say that, when you think about locations in and around the UK capital, pretty and attractive are not always descriptions that would spring to mind, but that would be a little unfair on many of the towns and villages in this area. Indeed, it has be said that many of the towns are very attractive and certainly do not deserve to be lumped together with some of the less inviting areas.

One such town that definitely falls into the attractive category is Cranford. Often referred to as the prettiest village in Middlesex, Cranford proves that being located so close to the nation’s busiest airport does not detract from its beauty. And with the nation’s new found love for hog roast, perhaps this town will be turning into hog roast Cranford before long.

The Best Hog Roasts In Cranford

We cater many hog roast events and a large percentage of them are for quite high numbers of guests. We recently catered at a summer party thrown by one of the local big wigs in which he had invited 200 guests to his huge house for an afternoon feast. We roasted three meats on the day which were our succulent pork, chicken and lamb. The pork went on the machine first as it would take longer to cook; then went on the other two meats and all three aromas infused into one sweet smelling aroma. The guests had the option of adding the respective accompaniments to their sandwiches with many adding all the trimmings. Towards the end of the event we carved all the remaining bits of meat and laid them on a serving table before packing up and leaving with all the rubbish.

Hog roast Cranford is certainly the ideal location for a hog roast event. A town described as one of the prettiest would be quite right to entertain one of the tastiest catering solutions available. But why hog roast? Isn’t it a little long in the tooth as a meal for special occasions? What happened to those old favourites we all grew up eating?

Well, those old favourites are becoming old hat. People are beginning to recognise that you sometimes have to turn back the clock to find real quality and real value when it comes to food. The old favourites may be fine for a little snack but they are seldom flavoursome and usually very forgettable. Is this really the sort of food that you want to serve your friends, family or special business guests? If you want to make a positive impression with your catering food then a hog roast Cranford event may be the simplest yet most effective solution available to you.

Leaders In Our Field

toprightIt is no surprise that hog roast was once the favoured meal of society’s richest. Hog roast is a big food that needs a big location, which meant it could be ruled out for everyone else. And it was expensive. It really was a meal for those with money (and a pig) to burn.

That has all changed now. Hog roast is becoming the smart choice for any special occasion in Cranford and beyond where you want to serve your guests with a truly delicious, wholesome meal that they will love and be reminiscing about for months to come. Slowly roasted hog roast is a simply unbeatable meal for your event. It’s versatile too! If you want an informal style meal then hog roast rolls are an exceptionally tasty option that everyone can enjoy. But if you want to keep things formal, for a wedding reception or business event for example, then simply ask the Cranford hog roast chef to professionally carve your hog roast. It can then be enjoyed as a beautifully presented plate of amazing food.