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If there is one thing England does better than anywhere else in the world, it is has to be Royalty. Other nations have kings and queens but only the English seem to be able to give royalty that true sparkle of ceremony and timelessness. It’s what makes the capital such a magnet for tourism from both the UK and all over the world.

If you can’t see the royal family first hand then the next big thing you can do is immerse yourself in some of the nation’s finest architecture. We all know about Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament …but there are many more fine buildings that are quintessentially British. One of those can be found at Hampton Court in the shape of Hampton Court Palace. This is a particularly grand place that Henry VIII had built and it must have been home to some fantastic regal events, in fact there’s a very good chance that hog roast was a frequent feature on the menu here. Hog roast Hampton Court indeed.

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Hog roast Hampton court style would have been quite a meal indeed. This after all would have been not only home to royals but to extremely important guests, too, so the food had to be of the highest order. There’s a fair chance that the passion for hog roast in the Palace extended to the area around this part of Middlesex, but it is unlikely the grandiose nature of the meals was matched elsewhere.

Nowadays, hog roast Hampton Court feasts are well within the budget of mere mortals and are once again emerging and becoming a very popular choice for functions and events. It seems that the public are growing a little tiresome of the mundane options that pass as ‘special event food’ and are looking to more traditional, historical solutions. Hog roast fits the bill rather nicely.

Hog roast is very much the special occasion meal and it excels in delivering great tasting food in a style that befits a major event in the Hampton Court area. You may think this a little odd, as it could be that you have previous experience of hog roast at a more informal function such as a birthday party or coming of age event. These events typically have hog roast served on rolls with sauce, and this makes for superb party food. However, hog roast is not shy of its regal heritage and the hog roast chef who caters for such events can turn on the style by carving the pork in such a professional manner that it resembles the very finest meat. Add a touch of crispy crackling and apple sauce and your Hampton Court diners will be in food heaven. Hog roast really does create a quite lovely, quality dish that would suit the grandest occasion.

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You may not be hosting your event in the palace but it does not mean it should be any less special. Add hog roast to your Hampton Court menu and your guests could be forgiven for thinking they are indeed royal guests!

Hog Roast HamptonOf course, not everybody wants us to cook at their event and for these people we offer the hog roast hire option. We recently hired out a machine to a couple in Hampton Court who were very confident that they would be able to provide and incredible catering experience for their guests. We dropped the machine off in the morning and gave them a quick demonstration on how to work the machine to its full capabilities and then left them to prepare their meal. We arrived the next day to pick the machine up and were told that all the guests enjoyed their succulent hog roast and had people coming back for a second serving.