Hog Roast Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston Upon Thames is a Royal Borough, so deemed because, it has been said, at least 2 but maybe as many as 7 Saxon Kings were crowned there. The Coronation Stone upon which they were crowned still remains today and is on display.

Kingston Upon Thames is an attractive place to be and is also where Nipper got his start in life. Nipper is the little dog whose puzzled, cock-headed look was immortalised as the logo for the company called His Master’s Voice which created gramophones. He was an actual dog that lived in the mid 1800’s and is now buried in the centre of town. Today, Kingston is well-known as having some of the best shopping around.

The Best Hog Roasts In Kingston

FullSizeRenderAs a caterer for many years, I am kept extremely busy throughout the year doing hog-roasting events throughout the UK. And it was to the job of hog roast Kingston Upon Thames that I was called to work at their annual Christmas Fair. This event is very popular and attracts not only the local folk, but also people from far off, so I knew it would be a big event. Because of this, I decided to call upon The Spitting Pig Company to assist.

Now, it was only a few years back that I decided to take the plunge and buy myself a hog roasting machine. Once I looked at what was on offer in the world of hog roast hire Kingston Upon Thames and purchase, I chose to do business with The Spitting Pig Company. And since I bought the Titan Hog Roaster, I’ve never looked back. I’ve been too busy! But also, The Spitting Pig offer hog roast hire Kingston Upon Thames packages that can include the hire of machines, a chef, additional staff, and menus with a variety of offerings from salads to desserts.

The sheer versatility of these machines, being able to roast whatever meats you wish to serve, as well as the machine‚Äôs easy maneuverability, means I am able to take these machines wherever I need to go to cater for public or private events. The Titan comes with sturdy go-anywhere tyres. The design of the machine itself is a work of art in terms of looks and functionality. There’s a spit for spit-roasting, and an internal oven for roasting other meats as well as potatoes and all manner of vegetables.

Fresh, Quality Produce

breadI always use meat that is as locally-sourced as possible. For this occasion, knowing there would be tons of people, I chose an 80 kg Old Spot Gloucester Hog provided by a local butcher. Spit-roasting is affordable, fresh, and can be a very healthy way of eating. The meat cooks on the spit which allows the fats to drip off the meat, thus you eat very little of the fat that the meat produces; but because of the nature of the cooking process, none of the moisture is lost, and therefore, the meat remains tender and juicy.

We served this along with sliced stuffing, applesauce, and condiments as well as warm, soft rolls. The staff from the Spitting Pig helped to set the whole thing up and also helped to serve everything in a timely and professional manner. The meat was of exceptional quality which was enhanced perfectly by my working with the best hog roasting machines available.

Hog Roast Kingston Upon Thames turned out to be very popular indeed. The crowds were enormous, the entertainment was fantastic, and the spit-roasting of the hog was, as it always is, a point of interest. All of the above added greatly to the already warm and welcoming atmosphere. There was a warmth and camaraderie that sometimes only Christmas celebrations can bring. These ingredients, including good food, are also essential to the success of any gathering.

The actual cooking process is so easy on Spitting Pig-manufactured roasting machines that the meats practically cook themselves. I was able to get to know a lot of the local people, and answer loads of questions about the spit-roaster as well as the process and the cost. I find there is no shortage of interest in cooking meats this way and I’m always happy to oblige with information about all aspects of the work and the design of the machines.

As a business owner, I can attest to the profitability of this line of work and these machines in particular. The Titan Roasting Machine paid for itself after only one or two events. They are reliable, worthy assistants who are an integral part of my very successful catering business.