Hog Roast Wandsworth

Today we were in Wandsworth, in the south-west of London. The River Front is one of the features that set Wandsworth apart. Its long river walk towards Battersea Village and the West End, lined with bars and restaurants. There is also King George’s Park which has tennis courts, and other attractions include the Wandsworth Museum and Southside Shopping Centre.

There’s an area of small but expensive terraced housing, known locally as at the Tonsley, due to the street names – behind Old York Road. The area is close to the river and town centre. There are grander semi-detached and detached houses along the roads bounded by West Side Wandsworth Common, Earlsfield Road and East Hill, and high-rise tower blocks at the base of East Hill. Wandsworth Common is at the top of East Hill, containing an area known locally as “the Toast Rack” that has some of the most expensive townhouses in London. The houses aren’t as big as you might think, though. They all have a Victorian look about them. The area also contains one of Wandsworth’s most impressive buildings, the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building.

The Best Hog Roasts In Wandsworth

We were catering a ten year anniversary dinner for a couple and around twenty-five of their friends and family, in a hotel. Our business is hog roast Wandsworth catering. We prepare the roasts in our kitchen, then take them to venues where we spit the roasts on hog roast hire Wandsworth machines. Sometimes people hire the hog roast machines from us and provide their own roasts, if they don’t need a caterer.Hog Roast Wandsworth

The couple was there when we arrived. We discussed the layout of the tables and where to put the hog roast machine, and put up balloons. Other members of our team took care of the serviettes, condiments and bread rolls, and then we took the hog roast Wandsworth out of the van, unwrapped it and put it in the machine. Soon everything was ready all the tables were set and the roast was turning, all glistening and smelling spicy. It was making crackling sounds. I made sure we had enough wine.

Then the guests began arriving and we were busy greeting them and filling glasses. There were plenty of glances toward the hog roast; evidently most of the guests hadn’t had a roast before. We usually encounter some curiosity, both about the machines and about the roasts themselves. After a while of waiting, it was time for my favourite part, cutting the roast! It’s always the same bit of pressure, the blade slips in suddenly, and the warm, aromatic juice seeps out, bringing the scent of spice and applesauce. The knife continues carving its journey around the roast, the hog is served and everyone enjoys the work of art that my team works so hard to prepare for them.

Fresh, Delicious Roasts Enjoyed By All

The guests were digging in and clearly enjoying the taste. I overheard a man telling one of my team that this was his first hog roast. She was asking if he liked it and would want to try a hog roast again, to which he said yes, he would. I was filling glasses and making sure everything was going perfectly. All too soon it was time for dessert.

Hog Roast WandsworthAfterwards, the couple said they were very pleased with it and we cleared up all the debris, leaving the room spick and span. Then, after an hour’s wandering around the High Street and Southside Shopping Centre, it was time to deliver a hog roast Wandsworth machine to a community centre in East Hill. It was a Christmas dinner for a community project. We found the place easily enough, and the tower blocks were a stark contrast to where we’d been earlier. Anyway, we showed the clients how to operate the machine after wheeling it into a large room in the community centre. We also helped them put their roast in the machine.

Just last week we catered for a birthday party in the Tonsleys, and hired a hog roast machine to a gastro-pub on the River Front. The birthday party went very well, with lots of laughter especially when a certain joke, which I won’t repeat here, was told. They requested champagne and pink balloons, which is rare because we seldom get to put up pink balloons. The party was fun even for us, and we were just catering!
As for the pub, they said their festive hog roast evening had gone very well and they’d made loads that day. And I’m sure we’ll be in Wandsworth again pretty soon.