Hog Roast West Drayton

It’s great to be a hog roast West Drayton caterer, we cover absolutely everywhere. Recently we were in West Drayton, which is quite far west for us and West Drayton is south of the split, a commuter town near the motorways. We were catering a corporate event in a hotel not far from the Green.

We had two prepared hog roasts all wrapped up in the van; they were large roasts, but it was a big event. The biggest event I’ve ever catered for had around 500 guests, and this wasn’t anywhere near as large, but since West Drayton is home to the offices of many large international corporations, we tend to find ourselves catering for corporate clients more than private families.

When we got to the hotel we did the decorations first; all in the corporation’s colours. We set out the bread rolls, serviettes and condiments. Our team collaborated with a member of staff from the corporation – the events manager; I think she was called – on the layout of the tables and where the hog roast hire West Drayton machine should go.

The Best Hog Roasts In West Drayton

FullSizeRenderAt last, we brought in the roasts, unwrapped one and had it turning in the machine. The events manager said it smelled really good. The guests began to arrive and soon we were waiting on tables until, a while later, we carved and served the roast; its spicy aroma and the scent of the applesauce made me want to take a bite. Everyone was obviously enjoying it and several people said this was the first time they’d ever had a hog roast West Drayton.

I was dashing about filling glasses until we brought out the second roast and, after removing the remains of the first one, put it on the spit where it crackled merrily as it turned. All too soon that one was finished, too. Afterwards other members of the team tidied up while I went with the rest of the team to deliver a hog roast hire West Drayton machine. Sometimes, if people don’t require catering, they just hire a hog roast machine from us and provide the roast themselves. We were hiring a machine out for an office party; a much less formal, on-premises bash for a company’s employees, as opposed to the event we had just catered.

When we got there, we carried the machine out of the van and the receptionist got someone to show us which room to put it in. We wheeled the machine through the corridors (and it got a ride in a lift). When we had it set up where they wanted it, we checked it was working and showed the clients how to operate it – it’s really easy, once it’s on it will just keep turning by itself. Some of the other staff were peering in the room at the machine.

Leaders In Our Field

Then it was back to ourqa premises to take care of some paperwork while our chefs and kitchen staff prepared a hog roast for a birthday party. Two hours later, some of the team went off with the roast to cater the birthday party, which was being held in the function room of a small hotel. I’d ensured they had the colour of balloons and decorations that the clients had wanted, and also the correct wine.

After a bit, I and two of our staff took the other van, loaded a machine into it and sped off to pick up our machine we’d used for the office party earlier. The clients told us it had been a great party and everyone had enjoyed the hog roast. Then we took the clean machine to the other side of West Drayton, near the M25. A local art group had hired the machine for a special dinner at the community centre. We showed them how to work the machine and helped move a table; then they put their hog roast in the machine and I helped to make sure it was properly secured. The guests hadn’t arrived yet and so I suggested using applesauce and some spices to really bring out the flavour. There was a supermarket nearby and one of the
groups nipped out for the spices and sauces.

Then we drove off, and two hours later we went to pick up the machine. The clients said the roast had tasted really nice.
And that was our day. It’s a fun industry, catering.