Hog Roast Westminster

Westminster is beautiful seen in this light, even though Westminster Abbey, the Parliament or the Palace of Westminster isn’t visible out of this window. To the north east lies central London, and somewhere in the midst of all these houses is the Thames. I often think it’s ironic that this area is the seat of our government and famous for all its tourist attractions, like Buckingham Palace and the Cathedral, when in real life there’s lots of council estates round here as well, (mostly behind Westminster Abbey and some off of Millbank.)

The morning of this event was freezing, and we had to deliver a hog roast hire Westminster machine for a family celebration dinner. They’d hired out a community centre for the evening and were expecting around 40 guests. They didn’t need catering so instead of us catering the event, we would just provide the machine and they would use their own roasts. We had checked that one of the machines was working and loaded it into the back of the van. Then we were off, and ended up in a more affluent part of a council estate.

The Best Hog Roasts In Westminster

Hog Roast West IslingtonThat’s the beauty of this job; we get to cater for foreign dignitaries in the function rooms of top hotels, and for ordinary Joes. Anyway, we were soon out of the van and carrying the machine inside the community centre. We wheeled it over to where the clients wanted it, did a final check and showed them how to operate it. We also helped them put their roast into the machine and ensured it was turning properly.

Then we returned to our premises, where the kitchen team had finished preparing a large hog roast Westminster pig. We wrapped it and loaded up the van, and drove off to a hotel where we were to cater for a corporate event. We moved tables and decorated the room, including putting up balloons in the company colours and setting out serviettes, bread rolls and condiments. There was to be a lot of people, and if this roast hadn’t been so large, we would have provided two. The team eventually had the roast, unwrapped, turning merrily and all glistening under the lights. Its spicy scent wafted in my direction. The guests began to arrive and after a while of waiting on them it was time to carve the roast, now dripping with apple sauce, and we served it to the guests, filling glasses here and there. It was obvious that they were enjoying the roast, which always makes me feel happy. Catering and providing good food, seeing people enjoy it makes me feel good. It’s why I went into this line of work.

Afterwards, we cleared up and left the room as tidy as we’d found it. Then without returning to our base, we went straight on to deliver another hog roast hire Westminster machine. (The one we’d previously delivered would have been picked up by other members of our company in the meantime.) We’re entering the busy season, of course, Christmas parties, buffets and New Years parties are all being booked in as we speak. Anyway, this mission wasn’t Christmas related though, but an engagement party in the function room of a pub.

Leaders In The Hog Roasting World

Hog Roast WestminsterAs we checked the machine was working and explained how to operate it, the couple’s friends seemed very interested in it and they all had a go at turning it on. It’s easy to operate, of course it basically just turns by itself once it’s on but their interest made me wonder if there is a market for the old spits that you need to turn yourself like centuries ago! I imagine it would be tiring though. I helped the couple put their roast in the machine and suggested it would taste even better with applesauce (one of our team went into the van and came out with a bottle which she squirted over the roast).

Then we returned to our kitchens where more roasts were being prepared. In a few hours we would be catering for a birthday party. I caught up on some paperwork and later two of our team went out to pick up the machine we had hired to the couple for their engagement party. When the time to set off again finally came, we loaded decorations, two roasts and a machine into the van and drove in the direction of the Thames.
The party went really well; we got a tip and another booking! And that was my day. It’s definitely fun, being a hog roast caterer in Westminster.