Hog Roast Uxbridge

UxbridgeHere at hog roast Uxbridge we do a great job of providing catering for all sorts of events throughout the area. We also provide hog roast hire Uxbridge for those who are maybe a bit more hands on and looking to do it themselves. Uxbridge is a good place to shop, with two shopping centres, The Mall Pavilions and The Chimes. The town centre has lots of shops and some offices.

It was to a pub off the high street that we were going to deliver a hog roast hire Uxbridge machine to, because a family had hired one. They were celebrating an engagement in the function room of the pub. We carried the machine out of the van and wheeled it into the pub. The bartender took us to the function room and we set up the machine where the customers who were already there wanted it. We checked it was working and showed them how to operate it, which we always do here at hog roast hire Uxbridge. The machines are easy to operate and once it’s on, it will just keep turning by itself.bread

Our next job was to cater for a corporate event in a hotel on the other side of Uxbridge. We found the place easily. It was a Georgian sort of hotel, not all modern like some of them are. We went in and discussed the layout of the tables and where to put the hog roast hire Uxbridge machine with a staff of the company. Then we put up balloons, took care of the serviettes, condiments and bread rolls, and I made sure all the tables were set. Then we took the hog roast out of the van, unwrapped it and put it in the machine.

Then the guests began arriving and we were busy greeting them and filling glasses. The roast was crackling as it turned and gleaming with the applesauce and its own juices. After a while it was time to carve the roast, which always releases its spicy scent and makes me want to eat it all up myself. We served the roast and it was obvious that everyone was enjoying it, which always makes me feel proud. Like, seen lots of people have
their first ever taste of hog roast Uxbridge food. I like to think we provide a great service at hog roast Uxbridge.

Afterwards, company staff said they were very pleased with it. We cleaned up the room, and then we were on our way.

We had delivered another hog roast machine for a birthday dinner at a community centre just a few hours later. The customer’s friends kept looking at the machine and asking him for a go at working it. I explained that there’s nothing really to work; you sort of just turn it on, really. Hog roast technology has definitely come a long way since the Tudor era. We checked that the machine was working and helped the customers put their roast in the machine.

A couple hours later, we went back for the first machine we had delivered, and the customers seemed really pleased and said it had been a good party and most of their friends hadn’t tried a hog roast before.

Then it was back to our kitchen to prepare a hog roast for a wedding reception. There’s a lot of preparation and time involved with roasting hogs such as sauce, spices and all the other accompaniments. Soon the chefs and kitchen staff were very busy preparing two hog roasts. Other members of the team went out to pick up the hog roast machine we’d hired out for the birthday dinner. When they came back, the cooks were nearly finished with the roasts. One of them staggered out to the van with the glazed, spiced, finished roast. After we had got both roasts in the van, as well as a machine and all the decorations and food and stuff, we drove to a hotel and started putting up balloons and setting out bread rolls.

The reception went really well, and the guests were quite interested in the roast; they hadn’t had a hog roast before. I like doing weddings because it’s just nice seeing people so happy. Everyone was watching when we carved the roasts, and one of the guests told me it was juicy and tasted different than she thought it would. I think this enjoyment is the end goal of the hard work in the kitchens. Afterwards we tidied up and left, but the good feeling from the reception was still with me.

The dedication of the spitting pig team made sure that all the events ran smoothly and were successful.