House warming party at the weekend!

October started with a real bang, for two reasons. One reason being that I made a London hog roast at a large house warming party and that really made some noise amongst guests, the second being that the party had a large fireworks display in the backyard that made plenty of noise to match! For the friends who’d gathered to break in John and Katies new house they were in for a treat of a spit roast pig and some tray roasted chickens. When booking John overshot on the number of guests, we ended up with about 20 less than the 70 originally booked, that meant the hog roast and chicken roast rustic sandwiches were of some real size, they were formidable, but that didn’t stop the 52 guests giving it a real shot and eating most of it.

The next day the event that followed on Saturday was a wedding reception for 80 in London also, nothing too big, nothing too flashy, just a really nice, good natured, traditional wedding reception on a beautiful day. The day was made all the more beautiful as I made for the wedding attendees a spit roasted pig that was so good, they’ll savour the memory for a long time. The hog roast job was a solo task, I arrived at the venue at 9 in the morning and set-up the machines, prepared the pig fresh and on site for the most delectable flavours, I then wasted no time in getting the hog roast machine running and starting, as at just before 1 we’d arranged for the roast pig to be served as part of the wedding reception. The venue was nice and quiet and so the pig was given my full concentration as there was nobody around to quiz me on hog roasting as there usually is at events. When serving time rolled round the pig was cooked, the apple sauce and stuffing was ready, the bread rolls had already been cut and prepared for the pig roast sandwiches. All that was left to do was for the 80 guests to come right up to where the cooked pig was and take in hand their tailor made hog roast with all their favourite condiments.

That’s just 2 of about 20 events I made a hog roast for, more events are booked for November so you can only imagine how excited I am, especially with some real big events such as bonfire night and halloween coming up.