Wedding Ceremony, Hog Roast Bushey.

We love to cater for large groups of people at Spitting Pig, may it be a wedding or garden party, or even your company event, and that was no different today at Jane’s beautiful wedding ceremony at the stunning Bushey Country Club. We catered a hog roast in Bushey for 250 of Jane’s family and friends that had come together for her wedding. Jane had opted for our very popular hog roast Bushey southern slow roast menu which consist of three types of meat, all hand rubbed and slowly roasted until they are falling apart. Today we were serving brisket of beef, shoulder of lamb and leg of pork that had all been slowly roasted for 10 hours. Alongside the main meat options we served, our great selection of bread rolls and wraps, rich sage and onion stuffing made using the meat juices, perfectly crisp potato wedges and three salads with a vegetarian option of roast vegetable and halloumi skewers being available for non meat eaters.

The weather was surprisingly good for the end of December and we even got a little bit of sun to brighten us all up whilst we were setting up our equipment. We were serving inside and so our first port of call was to get the serving area and everything inside looking perfect.  After this we set up a preparation area out the back and hidden from any guests.  This is where we prepared the delicious menu. Once set up we got to work preparing the salad and potato options along with the other accompanying dishes. Before long we had everything ready to go, the meat was pulled last thing and it filled the surrounding air with the most wonderful smell of slowly roasted meat. By this time Jane and her guests were ready to eat as they had only had a small afternoon tea beforehand. We started serving and in a short space of time had served everyone, the top table came straight back for more and couldn’t believe how tender the meat they had just eaten was with many asking for the recipe. The sounds of people really enjoying their food was all that could be heard and almost everyone came back for more, each with their own compliment for us. The whole day was a great success and the food and service that we offered was outstanding. The southern slow roast menu was the perfect choice and really went down a storm. Another fantastic wedding in Bushey catered for by Spitting Pig and another great southern slow roast.