A Hog Roast in Ashford for St James Senior Boys School.

Today we catered for Alexandra and 172 guests at the St James Senior Boys School in Ashford, Surrey.  Although the weather was not on our side, our spirits were high for Alexandra’s event. We arrived at 1pm to be ready for service at 5pm with our popular menu 3 option.  As we were catering at a school, we could get the van right next to us to unload which really helps sometimes. It didn’t take us long to have our gazebo and serving tables into position with table cloths on and looking smart. The party were using their own china plates and cutlery and had previously laid all the tables in a lovely marquee that was set up. Once we had everything ready to start preparing our dishes we got to work. The tomato mozzarella, green leaf and coleslaw salads compliment the 12 hour slow cooked hog roast Ashord pork perfectly and all finished off with baby new potatoes dressed in herb butter makes for a real good feast. The vegetarian guests were served homemade chunky vegetable and grilled haloumi skewers with a yoghurt and mint dressing that went down extremely well with not only the veggies. Our fantastic selection of bread rolls and wraps, sage and onion stuffing and selection of sauces including our famous homemade apple were all served alongside the hog roast Ashord pork and accompaniments.

The food went down very well once served and although it rained hard the guests and Alexandra were so very pleased with how well the hot hog roast pork roll with stunning salad went down on a dreary day. The compliments came flooding in whilst we were serving and almost everyone came back for seconds with a lot being left at the end. The whole event went very smoothly and it was an extremely lad back party. The guests were happy and Alexandra couldn’t thank us enough for our hard work. Another fantastic hog roast event in Ashford from Spitting Pig Surrey.