Hog Roast Burgess Park Back With Full Steam Ahead!

Hog Roast Burgess Park is in full swing now with the lockdown rules relaxed, with many of our customers calling us about future parties and events, including summer weddings and even a Christmas party or two! It’s never too early to get your festive event booked in, as we’re always busy at that time of year, and with amazing menus on offer featuring tempting traditional turkeys and hog roast centrepieces and a whole host of tasty accompaniments, it’s no wonder why.

At this time of year, however, we can still cook you some lovely turkeys if you prefer, as we have various spit-roast options if you’d rather enjoy that versus a scrumptious Hog Roast Burgess Park hog roast, including chicken, beef and lamb. We can barbecue a feast for you too, as our own range of hog roasters have special attachments, and with our chef’s speciality sausages, some chicken kebabs, 100% beef burgers and marinated spare ribs, we can impress everyone just as much as with a hog or spit roast.

For something that little bit different, though, one of our standalone menus could be just the ticket, like our Southern Slow Roast, where you get to choose three meats and four sides, or our Loaded Fries, which are topped with meat, slaw and cheese. We also recently unveiled our Alfresco Menu, which will wow everyone with antipasti platters, a traditional hog roast and even a choice of desserts to finish the meal off beautifully.

hog roast Burgess ParkIf you’re inviting guests on special diets, there’s no need to worry as our experts will help you to select some suitable, delicious alternatives to be prepared and cooked fresh on the day, like vegetarian skewers, vegan bbq jackfruit or gluten-free pigs in buns. We’re all-inclusive in terms of including all of your guests in your menu, as we want everyone invited to be able to enjoy our food.

Your menu can also include a number of courses if you like, and with plenty of starters, sides, puddings and even handmade canapés to choose from, Hog Roast Burgess Park can help your next special occasion to go with a bang.