Hog Roast In Central London

WandsworthWell what a busy weekend in and around central London. We had a corporate event for an advertising firm in Soho on Friday evening. We where a little bit worried about the traffic on a Friday afternoon so set off in plenty of time but the journey was actually quite good. Parking as ever was a nightmare but we quickly unloaded and then sent Adam off to park the van. We cooked the pig on a roof top terrace which was great and we had a superb view of the evening London skyline. It was a bit chilly come serve time but everyone manned up and came out onto the terrace for some food and then quickly went back into the warmth of the building. All in all a great night was had by all. Then it was back to base a quick clean down and load up for Saturday, which was a private hog roast in London’s leafy subhurbs. We where blessed with a lovely bright and dry day and the whole event went like clock work.