Hogmaster Hire for a Family Birthday Break thanks to Hog Roast Hornchurch!

Here at Hog Roast Hornchurch, we don’t just offer great hog roast dining experiences courtesy of our awesome catering team, we also love giving people the opportunity to become hog roast chefs themselves for the day by hiring one of our impressive yet very user-friendly hog roasting machines! Choosing the best machine to meet our clients’ needs is second nature to us because we manufacture our own equipment and know our machines inside out. Our clients always appreciate our expert advice and that enables even hog roast novices to wow their family, friends our colleagues with perfectly prepared pork!

Hog Roast HornchurchWe’ve just heard back from Ian who hired one of our super reliable and very easy to use Hogmaster machines, so he could feed 40 members of his family with some fantastic slow roasted pork for his wife Gwen’s 50th birthday party. With it being a milestone birthday, the family had decided to make a special event of it by hiring a rural retreat for a weekend break and  as an extra special surprise, Ian wanted to treat his wife to her favourite meat, and whilst also being the practical type, wanted a dramatic yet budget friendly catering option to keep everyone in the family entertained and well-fed.

All of Ian’s wishes came true when the Hog Roast Hornchurch team delivered the Hogmaster to the family’s holiday home as not only could he impress his wife by turning out some melt in the mouth pork and crispy crackling for her 50th birthday party without even breaking a sweat, he also told us that the Hogmaster was a great focal point for the evening as all the family gathered around to watch Ian in action and get a sneak preview of the delicious meat that was being prepared for them through the glass panel at the front of the machine!

It sounded like Gwen’s dream 50th birthday party was a huge success for Ian in the cooking department! Having won endless brownie points from all of the family for coming up with the idea of hiring a hog roast machine and managing to produce perfect pork with the minimum of effort, Ian is very glad he decided to hire one of Hog Roast Hornchurch’s Hogmaster machines and he can’t wait for another big family event to come up to he can repeat the experience!