Mouthwatering Signature Food Guaranteed With Hog Roast Westminster

While many of our Hog Roast Westminster customers love nothing more than a hog roast centrepiece served by yours truly at any kind of special occasion, we do offer many other options in case you’re thinking of something different. With plenty of dishes available to suit all kinds of personal tastes, appetites and special diets, we can impress all of your guests with suitable, tasty, homemade food that’s easy on your pocket, regardless of the type of event or party that you need catering.

We can spit-roast or barbecue alternative meats, serve one of our standalone menus like our Southern Slow Roast or Loaded Fries, help you to devise your own multi-course menu or provide options for vegetarians, vegans or guests with food allergies or intolerances. Whatever you’re thinking of and whatever the occasion, Hog Roast Westminster will certainly do you proud and we’re sure that everyone you invite will remember the day for a long time to come.

Hog Roast WestminsterFor something even more different to wow your guests, our new Alfresco Menu is a fantastic new addition to our extensive offerings, featuring antipasti platters with ingredients including Parma ham, salami, fine cheeses and artisan breads, followed by a hog roast main course, various fresh salads, your choice of a potato dish, fresh-baked bread rolls and wraps and even two desserts. This is a great feast of proportions that also comes with a vegetarian or vegan main if needed.

Sometimes, however, our customers prefer a simple albeit mouthwatering one-course main of our signature food – a sumptuous hog roast made into pigs in buns or a plated meal together with seasonal vegetables, potatoes and all the trimmings, and for a corporate lunch that Hog Roast Westminster was asked to cater on Friday, it was our version of hog roast rolls that were the order of the day.

After cooking a hog slowly but surely for several hours on the morning of the function, our chef carved off the salty, crispy crackling to reveal melt-in-the-mouth meat that just fell off the bone, and our team crammed bits of both into floury rolls and wraps, topped with our own apple sauce and stuffing, and then it was finally time to satisfy everyone’s hunger.