An Engagement Party Celebrated With Hog Roast Whitechapel

For a feast with the wow factor, consider Hog Roast Whitechapel catering your next party or event and you certainly won’t regret your decision. We have so much choice and variety on offer that you’ll no doubt be surprised when you browse our extensive menus and we think you might also be surprised at how easy we are on the pocket too. Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, your wedding reception or breakfast or a corporate function (or anything else in-between, as our food is suitable for any occasion you can think of), we will impress with gorgeous, fresh dishes, made by experts who care.

If you’re inviting any guests who prefer to eat something other than one of our famous Hog Roast Whitechapel hog roasts, we can easily spit-roast different meat instead of (or, of course, as well as) one, like heaps of chickens or turkeys, or some beef or lamb. Guests with dietary needs are all covered for alternatives too, as long as we get Hog Roast Kensingtonadvance notice, and then your dedicated chef will whip up something suitable and delicious on the day. We also offer speciality menus for something that little bit different, like our Southern Slow Roast (where you select your menu of three meats and four sides) or our Loaded Fries (which features fresh-cooked fries smothered in beef or pork, slaw and melted cheese), as well as plenty of additional options, like canap├ęs, starters, sides and desserts.

Hog Roast Whitechapel was asked to cater an informal engagement party for two new customers and while the couple was certainly surprised by how much we have on offer, they knew they wanted everyone to try our gorgeous pigs in buns, made from a hog that we’d roast on the afternoon of their special occasion, slowly but surely, at a low temperature for several hours. It came round to the party yesterday and our chef and catering assistant worked hard to prepare and cook the meat to perfection, and by 7pm, we had a feast of pigs in buns ready to serve, with fresh bread rolls and wraps crammed with meat, crackling, stuffing and apple sauce.