Hog Roast Bayswater Celebration for a New Driver!

DSC_0123At the age of 37 and with five failed driving tests behind her, Sue was on the verge of giving up. She was feeling so frustrated that she always seemed to fall at the final hurdle no matter how hard she tried. Her husband Keith eventually persuaded her to give it one more go and gave her the best incentive ever-if she passed on her sixth attempt, he would throw a party to celebrate and reward her with a slow-roasted pork treat courtesy of Hog Roast Bayswater! This seemed to do the trick and with fresh determination, Sue was over the moon when she was given the good news by her examiner-she had finally passed her driving test! So without further ado, our Chef and Catering Assistant were dispatched to cook up a storm in their garden for all their family and friends to celebrate Sue being able to ditch the L plates one and for all!

As Sue proudly flaunted her shiny new driving licence to all her friends and family, the Hog Roast Bayswater duo were busy with the buffet of succulent slow-cooked pork, fresh crunchy side salads and some tangy feta skewers for the vegetarian guests, all cooked from scratch in Keith and Sue’s back garden. Sue said everyone seemed just as impressed with the spread we presented as they were with her achievement, but she didn’t mind sharing the limelight because the food was so tasty! She couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate finally overcoming her driving demons and as if her night wasn’t special enough, Keith had another big surprise in store for his wife. Unbeknown to Sue, Keith had gone out and bought her a car of her very own, which had been hidden in plain sight in front of their house all evening! Sue was over the moon at having her own set of wheels after all this time and she finished her hog roast buffet sitting in the driver’s seat of her new car! Her maiden voyage had to wait until the next day though, as Sue had enjoyed a glass of wine or two with her pork! Sue thanked Hog Roast Bayswater for providing such memorable food for such a major turning point in her life and she can’t wait to start planning her first road trip!