Hog Roast Knightsbridge Treating Engagement Party Guests To A Delicious Roast

Hog Roast Knightsbridge provides delicious food for parties and events in all kinds of locations, both locally and further afield, and whether this is your back garden or yard so we can cook for you at home or a village hall or posh hotel, for example, wherever you choose for us to cater for you and your guests, we will do so with style and courtesy.

Hog Roast KnightsbridgeWe’ve spent a long time perfecting our menus and not just our signature dish, the good old hog roast, as we actually have lots more on offer to satisfy varying tastes, appetites and dietary restrictions. You can add canapés, sides or additional courses or we can cook you and your guests a spit-roasted meat instead, such as turkey, chicken, beef or lamb, or barbecue burgers, ribs and sausages. Our Southern Slow Roast Menu is a great way to appease different people if you prefer, as it comes with three types of marinated meat and four side dishes, either hot or cold or a combination of both, and even offers a vegetarian main alternative as standard. Plus other diets, such as vegan and gluten-free, are easily catered as long as you give us advance notice.

Sometimes, however one of our menus is exactly what you need. When Danny contacted Hog Roast Knightsbridge to book us to cater his party to celebrate his engagement to Jen, he knew they wanted a centrepiece hog roast served, for us to make our tempting pigs in buns out of the mouthwatering meat and crispy crackling, as well as our tasty homemade apple sauce and stuffing. The couple had enjoyed one of our hog roasts in the recent past and had no doubt it would go down extremely well with the guests at their own party.

On Friday evening, after preparing the meat from scratch earlier in the day and watching over it as it cooked to perfection over four hours, our Hog Roast Knightsbridge chef and catering assistant served Danny, Jen and their twenty guests plenty of scrumptious pigs in buns and every single one came back to us for seconds or more.