Hog Roast Southall Corporate Catering Menu

We headed out with Hog Roast Southall on Tuesday morning for a corporate event and we were met rain and wind the roads were packed but we still arrived on time. Catering for a new company in town and they had some important guests arriving so we were out to make an impression. When we arrived we chatted with one worried company director and we told him not to worry we had everything at hand. We set out the table and covered the table in the finest table wear and cutlery placed boxes of napkins on the table, as we were tweaking the table our chef already had the pig onto cook scoring the skin and rubbing handfuls of rock salt into the pig to make perfect crackling. No one makes cracking the way we do and we were sure it would be a good talking point with the guests as it always is. We then made some vegetable skewers and potatoes wedges using sweet potatoes and herbs and spices.

A large bowl of salad was paced centre of the table filled with lots of salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions and nuts and a silky smooth dressing covered the leaves. Lunchtime we were ready to serve the Hog Roast Southall, our staff all standing smartly greeting the guests and we had a crowd as our chef removed the crackling and cut it into slices. The pork sliced beautifully and the guests were asking us a multitude of questions as they had never had the pleasure of sampling hog roasted food and when they did they were not disappointed. The director came over and shook us by the hand relived it had all gone well but we did tell him not to worry as every event we host always does. A lot of customers do stress as they worry all wont go according to plan, but we always tell our customers not to worry as when we arrive we do all the worrying not that we have to as we always have everything on track- each Hog Roast Southall event is well planed and prepared so each and every time we deliver a first class service.