Hog Roast Woodberry Down’s Top-Notch Service With A Smile

Whether you have simple tastes or you’re a picky eater and regardless of whether you have particular dietary requirements or a big appetite or not, you and your guests are all you’re in safe hands with Hog Roast Woodberry Down. We’re a team of friendly, dedicated professionals who pride ourselves on providing top-notch service with a smile while preparing, cooking and serving your choice of tasty food that you want to be featured, to be devoured with relish.

Your menu is all up to you and your wants, as well as your guests’ needs, as we want everyone you invite to be able to eat and enjoy what we make for you. Whether you decide on a sumptuous hog roast centrepiece, a standalone menu of ours, options for any special diets or even several courses – or anything else that you choose from our wealth of menus – Hog Roast Woodberry Down will turn your next special occasion into a long-lasting memory for everyone involved.

We’re sure you won’t be able to forget the sights, aromas and tastes that you experience, especially if you go for a traditional hog roast, prepared fresh on the day and slowly roasted for hours on end, which looks stunningly theatrical, smells incredible and tastes like nothing else. Your mouth may be now watering at the thought but if not, fear not, as if a hog roast isn’t your cup of tea, how about spit-roast lamb, turkey, chicken or beef, or a mixed meat barbecue with all your favourites?

Our Hog Roast Woodberry Down standalone menus are popular too, like our Southern Slow Roast, which gives you three meaty mains and four sides, or our new Alfresco Menu, where you get to eat platters of cheeses, Italian meats and artisan breads, followed by a hog roast and then finished off beautifully with a selection of our homemade desserts. If you’d just like a simple main and nothing else, that’s no problem at all, though if you fancy multiple canapés, starters, sides and puddings added, we can easily do that too.

Whatever kind of party or event you’re planning next, call us to see how we can best accommodate you.