Outdoor Catering – Hog Roast Woodford

Last week when the snow was throwing it down we were preparing to set off to cater for an outdoor event. Here at Hog Roast Woodford we cater for these guys every year but normally the weather is starting to turn mild but this year it felt more like Christmas. We didn’t have far to travel and we were crawling down the motorway, as the roads were hectic. We arrived at the field as it was a music concert and they told us that they didn’t want to cancel the event as it took moths to prepare and there only worry was that we wouldn’t be able to cater. We told them that weren’t a problem at all we cater in all weathers and snow doesn’t bother us.

They had cleared the snow away on a patch for us to cater from and we quickly set up our reinforced sturdy gazebo and we were away cooking. The snow hadn’t put off the crowds and they arrived in their droves. And we were enjoying hearing the music as we cooked. We brought with us the larger of our machines and placed on it rows of sausages and potatoes we then set about making fillings for our potatoes. We made some cheese and onion and a hot spicy filling perfect for the weather! We diced and chopped some potatoes and covered them in spices and set them onto cook. We made some vegetable skewers using tomatoes, mushrooms, courgette and red and green peppers lots of warm food to keep everyone going. We unpacked the finger buns for the sausages on the table added the condiments and dips and we were ready to serve. The guests were famished when they arrived and so cold but they soon warmed up with a nice plate of warm Hog Roast Woodford food. We filled the potatoes with fillings and the sausages were placed in buns and we had lots of happy smiling faces. the sausages smelt wonderful and the crowds were saying they were the best sausages they had ever tasted .The organiser was so grateful and said we had done an amazing job we said nothing deters us in doing what we love.